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What Are the Usages of Slate?

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Slate is a kind of rock with plate structure and no recrystallization. It is a kind of metamorphic rock. The original rock is argillaceous, silty or neutral tuff, which can be stripped into thin sections along the direction of bedding. The color of slate varies with the impurities it contains. Essential DIY tools include power carving tools, wet stone machine, etc.



1. Advantages and Disadvantages as Decoration Materials

(1) Aesthetic Value

The unique surface of slate provides a rich variety of designs and colors, all of which are natural. Brick and brick are different and different colors and design will not lead to inconsistent patterns, which makes the bathroom unique. This increases the aesthetic feeling of slate brick and brings people a special feeling.


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(2) Durable

Slate has another major advantage, which is very wear resistant. This is also the reason why many people suggest installing slate flooring in high pedestrian flow areas. In some cases, some owners will complain that there will betraffic mapon the slate floor. That is, frequent people walking around will cause the slate to wear and form pits. But this is not true. The reason for thistraffic mapis the curing compound regularly applied on slate bricks. To know the care of this special floor tile, it is necessary to record the curing compound applied so as to know which type can be compatible with which one.


(3) Antiskid

Slate brick can keep natural antiskid performance, which mainly depends on its uneven surface. Otherwise, it is dangerous when it is wet.


(4) Deficiencies

Of course, slate bricks are not perfect. If the curing is not enough, the slate brick is easy to fade. The infiltration of a large amount of water will cause the appearance of slate brick to be archaic. Therefore, it is better not to install slate in humid areas for a long time. In some places, such as the shower area, other materials can be applied instead or the correct curing compound can be applied regularly. In addition, they will also appear cracks with the loss of time.


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2. Main Usages

(1) Roof

Slate stone is mainly applied in construction industry. Slate stone is superior to the general artificial covering material, moisture-proof and wind resistant, with thermal insulation. Slate roof can last for hundreds of years, safe, ecological and environmental protection.


(2) Floor and Exterior Wall

Slate floors can be applied for exterior flooring, interior flooring and exterior walls. Slate floors are usually laid outdoors in corridors, basements and kitchens. The indoor slate floor is durable, functional and beautiful. Homeowners can decorate the interior into a unique environment with slate. Indoor slate floor can be polished by stone polymer grinder (or stone polishing kit, stone polishing tools, etc.), or it can be natural style and color. The color is very rich, mainly composite gray, such as grayish yellow, grayish red, grayish black, grayish white and so on, up to 256 sets of colors. Outdoor slate floor can be random slate or slate tiles. Random slate can be of different shapes, such as arc, ladder-shaped and parallelogram.


(3) Landscaping

Due to weather and pollution resistance, slate is often applied in various residential and commercial landscaping projects. It is often applied to lay paths and decorate the surrounding of swimming pools, including external walls and even courtyards. Slate stone can also be utilized to make fountains, combining traditional and modern styles.


The natural and primitive characteristics of slate also make its application more environmentally friendly and comfortable.


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