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What Is the Easiest Wood to Carve?

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Wood carving is a kind of carving technology which applies wood as material. Material selection is a very important part in the creation of wood carving. The flexibility of wood directly affects the quality of furniture. The better flexibility is, the more suitable for carving it will be, at the same time it also affects the stability of furniture maintenance. Wood sculpting power tools include grinder power tool, small drill machine, rotary carving tools, etc.



1. What Kind of Wood Is Suitable for Carving?

From the wood texture, the best wood is suitable for carving, such as ginkgo biloba, mahogany, boxwood, camphor tree, rosewood, red sandalwood, Platycladus orientalis, Korean pine, phoebe zhennan, dalbergia, tsoongiodendron odorum, tilia amurensis, walnut and other valuable wood. These trees have good wood properties, straight texture, dense material, smooth section, good toughness, good shrinkage and not easy to deform. The woodcarving arts made of these wood have delicate and smooth patterns, which are natural and beautiful.


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Secondly, there are pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, populus ussuriensis in the north, podocarpus imbricatus, engelhardtia roxburghiana and Chinese toon in the south and cedar imported. The wood of these species is soft. The cell tissue is dense and the fiber texture is regular. These kinds of tree species is more suitable for plate carving.


White birch, tupelo, schima superba, rhus succedanea and so on are of moderate quality. Neutral tree species are also ideal wood. Because the wood texture is relatively soft, softwood carving technology is generally applied in wood carving creation. The main feature of softwood carving is that the tool edge is thin and sharp. The hard tree species apply the relevant skills of hardwood carving to operate. Its main feature is that the tool edge is slightly thick and the application of wood hammer, scraper and other tools to polish.


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2. Characteristics of wood

For example, red sandalwood with small leaves is the most flexible mahogany wood, which is suitable for carving with wood carving tools. It has hard wood, ruddy bottom color, good oiliness and high density. The red sandalwood fiber is very delicate, which is most suitable for different types of carving. The horizontal and vertical directions are unobstructed and the fine carving is flexible. After carving and polishing with pen grinder, the texture is excellent and the finished product is valuable. Therefore, red sandalwood was loved by the royal family of Qing Dynasty. The stability of red sandalwood is similar to that of Hainan Huanghuali wood. The time of making furniture with red sandalwood is shorter than that of Huanghuali wood. The red sandalwood furniture of Qing palace has experienced more than 300 years and its wood property is also very stable.


In a word, wood is the easiest material to carve. Its surface has various wood grains and natural shapes. If people are engaged in woodcarving art creation, they should know how to put to good use according to material and have the ability of‘identifying wood’. After the shape, quality and grain of the wood are figured out, make a little carving to unify the overall beauty, decorative beauty and the texture of the material itself for a lot of successful woodcarving works. It not only coordinates the integrity of the wood, but also maintains the mobility of their growth, so as to achieve a more ideal artistic effect.


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