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What Is the Fastest Way to Cut Metal?

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Metal cutting is the process of cutting off the surplus material from the workpiece, so as to obtain the shape, dimensional accuracy and surface quality of parts that meet the requirements. DIY tool includes drill machine, grinder polisher machine, portable metal grinder, etc.



1. Types and Characteristics of Metal Cutting Methods

There are three methods for cutting complex metal in the metal processing industry.



(1) Arc Discharge Machining

Arc discharge machining (wire cutting machine) is an old machining method. It has the advantages of high machining accuracy and the cutting thickness being almost unlimited, but it is not suitable for the requirements of mass cutting due to its low efficiency and complex process (It needs to be perforated).


(2) Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has the advantages of low equipment cost and high cutting efficiency, which is widely applied in the cutting of thick metal plates. Because of the low cutting accuracy and large cutting seam, this kind of processing method is not suitable for high-speed and high-precision cutting requirements.


(3) Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is one of the fastest growing and most diverse cutting methods. A satisfactory solution can be found from the ultra-thin plate of micron level to the thick plate of tens of millimeters. Laser cutting provides excellent cutting quality and high productivity. If fiber laser is applied, the operating cost is very low when thin materials are cut.


2. The Fastest Way to Cut Metal

(1) Circular Saw

Metal circular saw is a sawtooth tool for cutting steel. It can cut steel easily. The circular saw adopts unique material and tooth shape. Compared with other tools, it can cut metal faster and has stronger chip handling capacity and the cutting process does not transfer heat. The hard alloy cutting head of circular saw is made of tungsten carbide and titanium carbide, which can make the cutting process completely free of sparks and the heat transferred to the workpiece to be cut is minimized, thus the waiting time in the cutting process is reduced.


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(2) Electric Grinder

Electric grinder is also called multifunctional electric grinder or carving pen. Grinder electric can be divided into conventional type, small type and micro type according to the volume. According to the requirements of application, in addition to drilling pit accessories, the kit head of custom grinders can also be replaced with other accessories, such as cutting blade, grinding head, polishing head, etc., which are connected by a 2mm diameter shaft of small grinder.


The diameter of the cutting blade of the cutting grinder machines is about 25 mm. Because of its small diameter, the cutting direction can be changed at will to make the cutting mouth with pattern and the width of the cutting mouth is not more than 1 mm. When iron is cut, the cutting mouth is not hot. Grinder power tool with cutting pieces of different materials can cut different materials, such as iron sheet, aluminum sheet, alloy sheet, wood sheet, plastic sheet and so on.



Metal cutting process is carried out by machine tools, machines or hand-held tools. Although their forms are different and varied, they all have common phenomena and laws.

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