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What Kind of Rock Can Be Applied to Make Sculptures?

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Stone carving is a very old art form, which can be traced back to prehistoric times. Michelangelo'sDavid, one of the most famous sculptures in the world, was completed in 1504 and marble is used. Carving tools include stone carving equipment, miniature carving tools, carving pencils, etc.



1. Quality Requirements of Stone Suitable for Carving

(1) Rock Property

Carving stone belongs to the category of rock. Only when it has the characteristics of rock can it be carved with professional carving tools.


(2) Hardness

The hardness should be below 3 degrees.



(3) Growing into Useful Timber

It can reach the size and block required by carving.


(4) Artistry

It is necessary to have the color, luster and corresponding texture for artistic creation.



2. Main Stone Carving Materials

The commonly used rocks for sculpture are marble, granite, limestone and speckstone, etc. Generally, the choice of carving stone depends on the carving experience and project scale. Diabase is the best material for sculpture, followed by granite. The pailou is usually made of marble (white marble). For example, Huian in Fujian Province is famous for its stone carving and the stones used there are all diabase and granite.


White marble is the best marble with hardness of 3-5 degrees, density of 2.6-2.7g/cm3 and compressive strength of 1000-3000kg/cm3. White marble is widely applied in the north, mainly for carving figures. Now the most used marble is from Sichuan, Hunan and Beijing, especially white marble.



3. How to Select the Carved Stone

(1) First, Different Rock Types Should Be Understood.

Rocks include sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks and volcanic rocks. All stones carved with stone sculpture tools belong to one of them. Knowing the characteristics, hardness, luster and durability of each stone is helpful to select the kind of stone.


(2) The Choice of Carving Stone Depends on the Level of Professional Knowledge of Stone Carving.

Soft rock is easier to carve with DIY sculpting tools than hard rock and is more suitable for beginners. The varieties of soft rock include speckstone and striped marble.


(3) See If Local Universities Offer Stone Sculpture Courses.

Professors can recommend materials suitable for the project and where to buy them locally.


(4) Make a Budget

Some stones are cheaper because there are many on the market. Some may cost more with freight. Some high quality stones, such as karala marble, are very expensive.


(5) Determination of Color and Quality

For example, determine the gloss of the final product. The texture and color of each stone variety are different.


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(6) Think about Whether to Display Sculpture Indoors or Outdoors.

Some kinds of stones can withstand strong weather effects, while others can not. Granite can be placed outdoors for a long time. Striped marble, sandstone and speckstone cannot be placed outdoors.


(7) The Fineness of Stone Sculpture

For example, limestone, as one of the soft sedimentary rocks, is very suitable for fine carving with stone carving hand tools. Granite, however, is too hard to carve.


There are many materials for stone carving, which are mainly obtained through purchase. They can be bought according to the requirements both at home and abroad. Stone carving tools include stone carving supplies, grinding machine stone, electric stone grinder, etc.

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