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What are the Commonly Used Stone Carving Tools?

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We know that stone carving refers to various stones which are sculpted into different patterns to create a visible and tangible artistic image with a certain space, so as it can reflect social life and express the artist’s aesthetic feelings and aesthetics ideal art. So, what are the commonly used stone carving tools? Usually it includes different carving hand tools and power carving tools such as power grinding tools, rotary carving toolshand grinder stone etc. In this article, we will mainly introduce two kinds of hand carving tools for you, which are stone hammer and stone chisel.


Stone hammer


Stone hammer is one of the stone carving tools, which is specially used for percussion chisel, carving stone and it is also used for wood carving. The size of the hammer heads at the two ends is slightly different. The hardwood handle is about 20 cm long. And the placement position is generally not in the middle, which is slightly farther than the large end, so that it can be suitable for hitting chisel of different thickness and quality. Usually it is divided into three sizes with large, medium and small. The large one weighs about 1400 grams for stone carving basic hammers, the medium one weighs 800 grams, which can also be used for wood carving basic hammers, and the small one is 600 grams, which can carve details. The hammer body is slightly curved and the surface of hammer has about 10 degree angle. Usually it is forged with No. 45 steel and the surface is hardened.



Stone chisel


Stone chisel is also the basic stone carving tool. According to the shape of the blade, it can be divided into pointed chisel, flat chisel, half-round chisel and tooth chisel. The pointed chisel is a basic chisel with large, medium and small size. And the large flat chisel is used for flattening, and the medium and small flat chisel is used for polishing and detailing. The thick-blade semicircular chisel can be used to carve harder stone, and the thin-blade carving patterns and details. Tooth chisel is used to sort rough material into large size. According to the material, it can be divided into ordinary quenching chisel and cemented carbide chisel. The former adopts No. 45, No. 60, T7 steel and train bullet steel. According to the depth and hardness of the blade tip of quenching chisel, it has a wide range of applications. But the disadvantage is that the quenching is difficult and is easy abrasive. The latter uses YG8 blades of different shapes, which are hard, sharp, and resistant to wearing and bending.


As we previous mentioned, except hand carving tools, there are many helpful power tools which can be used for carving stones. Here we recommend Mibond Machinery Company, which specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing complete equipments for electric mini grinder set with accessories, rotary tool kit, mini grill set with spare parts including power tools for home use and DIY rotary tools. You may choose as your need. 

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