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What are the Precautions for the Safety of Power Tools?

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Since most people are not trained before using hand tools and professional power tools, such as hand-held metal grinder, mini power grinder etc., which leads to frequent accidental injuries. According to statistics, the injuries caused by improper use of these tools accounted for 7% to 8% of all accidental injuries every year. Therefore, for all kinds of commonly used hand tools and portable electric tools, it is necessary to understand the correct use method, maintain and manage well, and pay attention to the safety of use. In this article, we will introduce the precautions for the safety of power tools.


1. Rules for the safe use of electric tools


(1) Do not use power tools with broken wires or plugs.

(2) Before operating power tools, read the operating instructions or manuals.

(3) Do not use power tools on wet floors to prevent electric tools from leaking and causing electric shock.

(4) Always wear rubber-soled shoes when using power tools.

(5) Use a three-phase plug for the plug of the power tool, and confirm that the socket has been connected to the protective neutral line.

(6) The power tool switch should be used the switch power supply instead of plugging or unplugging power supply.

(7) The power tools must be used in accordance with the operating regulations, since violating the operating regulations will result in serious personal injury or death.

(8) Safety inspections of electric tools should be carried out regularly.



2. Daily maintenance of power tools


Please always check the following items of power tools:

1. Whether the wire is damaged.

2. Whether the plug is damaged.

3. Whether the tool is damaged.


7-small hand sander

3. External wiring of electric tools


The ideal external wiring should be as short as possible and the diameter as large as possible. If the diameter of the wire is smaller than necessary and the length is longer than necessary, a significant voltage drop will occur, which will cause the wire to overheat. Therefore, it is the safe key whether the wire is reasonable when using a power tool. When using it, you should check whether the insulation is damaged, and whether the metal part is exposed. And the wire cannot be wetted by water or other solvents.


4. Electric drill


Electric drill is the small power tool people often use in daily life, which is mainly used for drilling and reaming. Safety measures should be paid attention to when using.


(1) Follow the rules for safe use tools.

(2) Keep the electric drill stable during using.

(3) Don't overload the drill to increase the risk of fire.

(4) During the drilling process of the electric drill, the drill bit must be installed safely and firmly.

(5) Before using, check whether the electric drill is abnormal, and do not wipe them with wet hands.

(6) Ensure that the motor is ventilated. The vents must be kept clean and fully opened.

(7) Check whether the wire is damaged. If it is damaged, use a special tape to repair it safely.

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