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What are the rotary multi-tool accessories?

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The original idea of developing high-speed jobmate rotary tool is to provide faster rotating speed on the basis of keeping the drill bit in a collet chuck. Varying-speeds can be found with versions and models that usually cover ranges of 3,000–40,000 RPM (Rotations Per Minute). You can also find variants in the wired or cordless power supply mechanism. We can add different rotary tool accessories to the collet chuck, so that we can play different functions to carry out different tasks such as:








Carving and engraving.


Multi-tool machines are very effective in arts and crafts or minor repairs at home, and can do excellent work in narrow or hard-to-reach places and spaces, but many people don't know what the functions of different mini rotary tools accesories are. Next, we will briefly introduce some different types of accessories. This article will emphasize the use and functions of multi-tool machines and different accessories, so that you can better understand how they work and what they are used for.




The collet chuck


The collet chuck is an important accessory. This accessory can safely fix different rotary file drill bits for metal on a certain mechanism and is the most basic accessory.





Another important accessory, which is used for changing and tightening various attachments. It also has many other functions.





This accessory is very convenient to use, which can sharpen metal electrical rotary tools, including other screwdriver bits, and it can also be used for many other sharp tools, such as saws, axes, blades and so on.



Felt polishing wheel


This kind of rotary files rotary tools used predominantly for polishing metals, stone, ceramics and plastics, and are highly recommended to be used with polishing compounds and/or diamond paste.



Sanding band


These Sanding Bands and Drums are perfect for removing rust, paint, heavy corrosion on metal, or for sanding and shaping wood, plastics and softer materials. They slide onto a mandrel and can be fitted on snugly by tightening the screw at the end with the wrench that has been provided.



Abrasive cut-off discs


You can use rotary tool cutter for cutting off the top of screw heads, nails, or when doing some works with materials such as minerals and plastics.



Sanding discs


These discs are gentler than the sanding bands.





This tool can be used to install different rotary tool and accessory sets, such as felt polishing wheels or cut-off wheels mentioned earlier, while maintaining the position of the sanding band.




Polishing tips and grinding stones


This accessory is made of aluminium oxide and can be used on materials such as, aluminium, ceramic tile, glass and mirrors.



Diamond drill bits


This kind of mini hand drill rotary tools is very suitable for some more detailed work, in addition to being used to cut, carve, engrave and also when in need of slight touching-up and finishing.


Now you have a simple understanding of the different accessories of Mibond multi-tools, and these rotary tool accessories kits are very helpful for personalized crafts and projects, and many professionals and DIY lovers also like to carve and create with Mibond tools in their spare time.

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