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What is a Rotary Tool?

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Rotary tools are very important to craftsperson, and they are an essential part of any toolbox, including screwdrivers, hammers and electric drills. If these tools are given enough power and functions, they can become the best helpers for DIY home improvement and personal craft projects. However, we must first know what rotary power tools are, and different rotary tools have different functions. After reading this article, it is hard for you to imagine what to do without these tools.



What is a rotary tool?


When you are faced with a small cutting, grinding or polishing project, you can't use simple sandpaper or chainsaw. Maybe you are a craftsperson, and you have to choose the right professional rotary tools to engrave or etch wood, stone or even glass. If you are faced with such a similar situation, you need to buy a rotary tool. The basic definition of rotary tool is a handheld device, the main shaft of which is connected with a fast rotating motor. You can also connect different accessories to the spindle, such as polishing tools, cutting wheels or rotary burr set for metal, so that the rotary tools can be multifunctional and can complete various tasks for you.

16-rotary multi tool (2) 


Rotary tool specifications:


On the basis of knowing the meaning of rotary tools, we should have a deeper understanding of how rotacraft rotary tools rotate, polish and do other works.


Engine speed


The most obvious difference between different rotary tools is the engine speed and torque. Most rotary tool motors spin at about 20,000 RPM, but some reach up to 35,000 RPM, with variable speed motors.


The spindle


When the motor is running, the main shaft will rotate. Generally speaking, the main shaft is threaded, so that it can accept the collet and collet nut. These collets can be clamped on different rotary tool accessories, which can produce less technical tilt.


Speed control


The speed of motor rotation is usually adjusted by buttons or sliders. Generally speaking, the speed of motor rotation depends on the task you want to do and what kind of electric mini rotary tool kit you use.



What is a rotary tool used for?


Grinding and sanding


If you have grinding accessories, then your rotary tool becomes a rotary tool mini grinder, and you can use it to carry out some grinding projects: adding or removing sharp edges; sharpening a blade of any kind; removing rust.


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Cutting and carving


Rotary tools are very suitable for cutting, especially in narrow areas. For example, plumbers can use them in narrow spaces, interior walls, under floors or bathrooms.


When carving a handicraft, good craftsmen often use multifunctional rotary tools to deal with complex carving projects, and they can also add some detailed designs to wood, stone and even glass. If you want to carve on glass, you must put a diamond point wheel or a diamond bit on the variable speed rotary tool, otherwise, the glass is easy to break.


Drilling and polishing


Although some precise rotary tools are not suitable for heavy drilling, they are enough for some small drilling projects. Adding wire brushes, polishing points or polishing wheels to the main shaft of rotary multi tools can polish or wax, and the effect of polishing some silverware with Mibond rotary tools is very good.

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