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What is the Method of Polishing Jade?

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A lot of people are very interested in jade. But the jades that have just come out of nature will always bring some dirt, which has a great impact on the appearance of the jade. So, it needs to be polished. Maybe some people are not very familiar with the method of polishing jade. In this article, we will introduce the method of polishing jade.


Jade polishing


Generally, there are two methods for jade polishing. For light body jade such as jade bracelets, jade buckles, chicken hearts, and ring faces etc., hand polishing is usually used. But for Guanyin and Maitreya and various flower pieces, the down-shock power machine polishing is used. It takes about 3-5 days to complete the polishing by the vibration power tool, and a large number of jades can be polished at one time.



1. Hand polishing:


Usually it uses 600# - 1200# polishing sandpaper, firstly it uses a common power tool to install a diamond bit to modify the jade such as small power grinder, small rotary tool etc., of course, handheld grinding pen is also can be used. And then use a diamond file to repair it carefully.


Next, you can use round sandpaper (coarse sand and fine sand) for large-area grinding. And then you should use a round cloth wheel to apply polishing paste to polish a large area or use a felt grinding head to apply polishing paste for detailed polishing. It can also be directly polished with a rubber grinding head. Finally, it can be hand-made with 1200 sandpaper and polished with diamond powder.


45-small rotary tool

2. Machine polishing:


Firstly, buy a polishing machine or power rotary tool or power grinding tool with polishing bits, which is a small jewelry jade barrel polishing machine. And you can buy some emery 320#-8000#. Then buy triangular beads polishing particles, cold light powder. After grinding polishing powder in the polishing machine last for a period of time, it can achieve a mirror effect.


3. Emerald polishing:


Firstly, you should coat a layer of paste polishing powder on the surface. Then use a two thousand mesh grinding wheel to grind the surface and repeat the first two steps. Then you can apply diamond powder to the surface of the jade, and use a stiff brush to polish and finely polish.


Polishing is a meticulous job. Generally, for some hard jade, such as Hetian jade, it uses different types of oilstone. You should polish it a little along one side. And you can polish it using whetstones of different types from coarse grinding to fine grinding many times and let the surface evenly.

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