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What is the development of the power tool industry?

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With the wide application of electric power tools, it is valued by enterprises and families. However, the technological development of electric tools still needs to be innovated and improved, and how to promote the development of electric tools has become an industry topic. This paper mainly introduces the development of the power tool industry.


As one of the common application power tool kits in the household and industrial fields, ideal power tools can be seen everywhere, such as electric rotary hammer drill, electric saws, mini electric tool grinder, electric planers, etc., and they have a wide range of applications, including machinery industry, building decoration, landscaping, and wood industry processing, financial processing, etc. It is undeniable that power tools for sale play an indispensable role in social and economic development. As China is the largest developing country, power tools are therefore classified as advanced equipment manufacturing.


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Among them, lithium batteries have attracted more and more attention due to their advantages of high energy density, high repeated cycles, light weight, and environmental protection. Therefore, they have been widely used in portable hand-held devices such as mobile phones, notebook computers, and woodworking power tools. Lithium battery protection solutions have also become the direction of exploration for best power tools companies. Benefiting from the breakthrough of lithium battery technology, cheap power tools are gradually converted to clean energy supply. The battery capacity and safety of power tools are expected to be greatly improved, and the battery cost will continue to decrease.


The brushless motor of non-inductive control is very important for the start, commutation and braking of the motor and realize the operation of the motor. When it is applied to electric tools, according to the characteristics of the tool, the control of the brushless motor is not the same. As the penetration rate in the home increases, electric tools need to be used for multiple purposes. At the same time, breakthroughs in electronic control technology have enabled intelligent tools to enter the home, and the industry has great potential for development.


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Looking at the current market development situation, although the scale of the power tool combo kits industry continues to expand, most of my country’s enterprises are relatively weak in competitiveness and are technologically at a lower level of imitation stage. Brand awareness is not strong, and low prices are used to obtain small profits.


In addition, due to the low barriers to entry for e-commerce, China’s power tool industry has invested relatively little in independent innovation, product development, and brand cultivation, and the recognition of power tool products with independent intellectual property rights in the international market is far from enough. Moreover, the international marketing network has not yet been effectively established. The domestic electric tool e-commerce market is challenged by foreign brands, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and many companies are facing great pressure.


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