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What is the difference between manual carving and machine carving?

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“The finest diamond must be cut” is a famous common saying. Jade carving by hand at home and abroad all have enjoyed a high reputation. And the successor of hand-made jade carving industry also makes the craft of hand-made jade carving deeply rooted. However, with the development of science and technology, machine carving appears and becomes more popular. Some people still like manual carving and use the jade hand grinder while other people adopt the manual carving. Thus what’s the differences between manual carving and machine carving?


About machine carving

The benefits of machine carving is time-saving Labor, higher output, and lower cost, there will be no mistakes during the manufacturing! But it has an obvious shortcoming that the products made by machine carving lacks uniqueness. It doesn’t seem to make any difference. Machine carving can not make the design distinguished.



Whether people use ultrasonic carving or computer CNC carving, this disadvantage can not be avoided! The assembly line makes the product look the same, dull and uninspired. People just need to consider a variety of computer technical parameters. Now on the market a lot of brand products are all made by machine carving. After all, the products made by manual carving costs a lot.



About manual carving

Many sculptor will use rotary tool and mini electric grinder to carve the jade. And handmade works are created according to materials, each one has its own characteristics. The works are beautiful and exquisite. The disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and laborious. The monthly output is very low, natural cost will increase thus the whole price is high. Besides, it is error prone. Using the mini jade grinder will easily damage the jade if people are not focused.


Now there is a hot way. When the works have been carved by machine, they will be carved and modified by electric hand grinder. Then they will look like hand-carved Jade. But it doesn’t change the fact that the lines are rigid. And there are other problems. For example, relief are relatively shallow, shape will be very troublesome. The cost is not low.


The biggest difference between manual carving and machine carving

Products made by machine carving have no inward concave radian, and are relatively flat. On the contrary, each products made by hand and made by mini hand grinder is different and has uniqueness. 


It is obvious that whether it is Hetian jade or jadeite jade, there will be an irreversible development trend of machine carving in the jade market in the future. Simple and crude hand-made carving works are bound to be eliminated, and exquisite machine carving works will occupy the middle and low-end market.


However, no matter how innovative the machine carving technology will be in the future, it will not change the artistic value and humanistic feelings of the jade carving works given by manual carving. The top jade carving works on the market must be carefully carved by the sculptors. Only in this way can the products be unique and have incomparable charm.

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