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What is the process of manual carving?

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Hand-carved is an essential feature of high-end furniture. Hand-carved handicrafts have smooth and natural curves, vivid and spiritual shapes, which are unmatched by woodworking power tools carving. High-grade hand carving has low production speed and low output, which requires very high technicians. Every hand-carved work is unique, and we can see the craftsman's understanding of the world and life from the work. Next, we will understand the process of hand carving.



1. Selecting the birch suitable for carving


High-quality birch imported from Russia is one of the wood suitable for carving. Russian birch has obvious annual rings, straight and obvious texture, delicate, soft, smooth and elastic material structure, which is very suitable for carving by using suitable essential woodworking tools.




2. Drying the wood


If the moisture in fresh wood evaporates naturally, it will lead to defects such as shrinkage, cracking and bending deformation, which will seriously affect the quality of wood products. Therefore, wood must be forced (controlled) dried before using electric wood carving tools to make various wood products. Proper drying treatment can overcome the above-mentioned wood defects and improve the mechanical strength of wood.



3. Preliminary processing of wood


Before using the hand woodworking tools, wood must go through more than a dozen processes, aiming to create a preliminary shape of wood and pave the way for the following processes. At this stage, the process is very complicated, and a small error occurs in every link, which may lead to the scrapping of timber, which greatly tests the technical level and endurance of workers, also the important of best woodworking tools.



4. Drawing lines to determine the basic shape of carving


Drawing lines is a key process, which shows the basic grain on the wood according to the requirements of carving effect, and other subsequent steps such as embryo punching and using the woodworking tools near me to carve will process the workpiece according to this grain.



5. Carry out secondary polishing to ensure smoothness


Grinding is to remove burrs, floating rust, oil stains and dust on the surface of the substrate; Clearing coarse particles and impurities on the surface of the coating is to obtain a flat surface; The smooth coating surface should be polished to a certain roughness to enhance the adhesion of the coating by using suitable mini rotary grinder.



6. Adjust the embryo and carve the approximate shape


Adjusting the embryo is the hardest, because adjusting the embryo requires not only using the rotary tool kit to remove a large amount of redundant wood for setting, but also maintaining a high aesthetic attitude during setting, so it is a process of injecting technology and labor at the same time.




7. Sanding, processing the details softer


Sanding is to make the surface of wood smooth and increase the strength of the surface by using mini rotary sander, so that the thickness of wood is uniform, which can be suitable for various veneering processes and various carved workpieces, and is convenient for decoration and furniture making.



8. Accurate carving of wood


When you carve a leaf, you should choose which tools to use when carving radians, and choose rotary tool sets of different sizes for different radians, which are very particular.

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