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What should be paid attention to when cutting glass?

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1. Glass pipe cutting


(1) Fine glass tube and rod cutting


When cutting the fine glass tube and rod with diameter of 5mm -- 10mm, put them flat on the edge of the table first. Press the edge of the triangular file vertically on the place where the glass tube is to be cut off, and push forward with force. After the file marks have reached 1/3 or 1/4 of the tube circumference, pick up the glass tube (rod). Hold the thumb of both hands against the back of the file mark, and press the other fingers on the glass tube. At the same time, push back with a little force to break it. Or you can use some mini rotary tools like small rotary saw.


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(2) Thick glass pipe cutting


1.File cutting: wrap two sides of the thick glass tube with scotch tape for three layers. Use a file to file a circle of marks along the cut area and deepen them until you can break the thick glass tube with your hand.


2.First, the cut off place should be surrounded by a resistance wire along the fine trace, and the intersection of the resistance wire should be separated by a heat-resistant insulating material (or leave a small seam of 1mm-2mm). The resistance wire can be supplied at very low voltage by a voltage regulator. Leave the resistance wire red-hot for about a minute, drop a drop of cold water on the fine mark, and turn off the power. The glass tube will disconnect along the fine line.



2.Flat glass cutting


1.To cut flat glass, the cutting size should be determined and marked on the glass to be cut. When cutting glass, you should hold a rotary cutting tool with your right hand and press a ruler with your left.


2. Edge grinding of flat glass. In the production, if you need the flat glass with round outer edge (glass thickness below 3mm), the above cutting method can be used to draw the required marks first. Remove the parts that do not need to be retained and then use water sandpaper or grinder equipment like small grinding stone to grind the edge round.


73.small grinding stone


3.Glass bottle cutting


There are many ways to cut glass bottles, several methods are introduced below.


1.At the cutting place, use a rotary power tool or a small steel file to cut a file mark, and then use cotton thread to make several rounds at the file mark, then drop alcohol, ignite the cotton thread for about a minute, drop a few drops of water at the file mark, the bottle can be broken along the file mark.


2. Fill the glass with cooking oil to the edge of the cut line. Then insert the red-hot iron rod into the oil. The glass will break.


3.Use some rotary tools to cut glass bottles such as hand held rotary saw and rotary tool cutter. If you don’t have these tools, you can buy them from Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd. Besides, this company sells not only rotary tools, but also electric grinders.

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