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What should we pay attention to when carving stones?

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There are many kinds of carving materials, like wood carving, stone carving, jade carving and so on. For beginners, wood carving and stone carving are easier to get started, and the cost is relatively low, suitable for everyone to learn. And the suitable rotary tool carving is also important.



A few skills of stone carving 


Limestone is a kind of soft rock which is easy to carve by using mini rotary tools set and has various textures. This rock is composed of calcite, which is formed by sediments and the bodies of early marine organisms. This rock is very suitable for outdoor sculpture because it can bear acid rain, and it is also a kind of rock for discovering fossils or making cement.



To wet the rock, the natural bed line of limestone makes it very easy to break, and these bed lines can be displayed when wet. It will be easier to carve limestone according to the natural direction. When carving the stone by using a rotary hand tool, check whether there are small cracks on the stone.


Draw your ideas or designs on the stone, hold the power tools near me firmly, put it about 1.5 inches away from the edge of the stone, and tilt the tool slightly, so that you can easily knock down the unnecessary stone when knocking, and ensure that the tool is struck accurately while keeping it in place. Remove as many unnecessary stone as possible by your electric rotary hammer drill.


Define the shape with a chisel, remember to put your thumb outside the chisel to prevent the hammer from hitting your fingers, and then create some grooves on the stone, carving an inch interval by rotary tool bits. Be careful not to use the chisel at too deep or steep an angle, which will easily cause damage to stone. Work on the groove cut for the first time, and ensure the balance of all areas of the sculpture.



Make the grooves and ridges you carved flat with a tooth chisel. Choose the right hand rotary tool, and moreover, it must be kept at an angle of about 45 degrees. If the angle is too high, it will cause scratches on the stone. If the angle is too low, it will skip the surface, and the stone will not be smooth.


Use a flat chisel to remove the texture of the tooth chisel, and use the curved edge as a concave shape, then use a file to finish the final smoothing work of the stone. There will be cuttings on the soft stone like limestone. You can polish the stone with sandpaper or other hand rotary edger.


We have to admit that using rotary tools is very helpful for most engraving work, but there is no need for any training when using micro motor rotary tools, so there are many potential safety hazards. Make sure you know a lot of safety precautions before using Mibond rotary tools. Some additional safety guidelines include the following: Always turning the tool on before putting it in contact with whatever material you’re working with; After using the rotary hole punch, don't forget to turn off and unplug the power of the equipment and switch the accessories of the rotary tool. You don’t want it kicking on accidentally with your fingers around the spindle area.

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