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What steps do you need to take to make jadeite stone into jadeite handicraft?

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1.Material selection


Jade carving is sometimes based on the buyer's request to choose jade material and determine the subject matter. Jade carving workshop must choose proper jade material according to the requirement of the buyer. It needs to discuss the pattern design with the buyer. After the design pattern is determined, jade material can be processed.



2.Jade design


Jade design is the key to carving jade. Generally speaking, the designer often designs the theme according to the jade material color, grain and shape. First of all, make the most of the jade. Design jade according to its appearance. Don’t waste the jade material. Sometimes, jade carving designers is the jade carver, but sometimes the jade carving designer and the carver are two different people. This needs the carver to understand the thought of the designer. The carver also should have the ability to grasp the characteristics of the jade carving theme and the knowledge of the jade material. Of course, he must have a set of professional sculpting tools such as mini electric grinder engraving pen.


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3.Rough carving


Rough carving is to carve the jade according to the design requirements, to make the original shape of the jade into the designed basic shape. First, use miniature sculpting tools to cut off excess parts of the jade. The jade piece after rough carving is a geometric form. Then use electric grinder tools to smooth out the bottom of the jade. Finally, trim the jade.



4.Fine carving and finishing


Sketch the designed patterns on the rough carved jade. For example, fingers, folds of clothing, petals of flowers and other patterns should be carefully drawn. Then, use small sculpting tools to finely carve the jade based on the drawn lines.






Polishing is a very important and irreplaceable step in jade carving. No matter how finely you carve or grind a jade piece, it will always have a rough surface. Only perfect polishing can make the jade show its bright and clean appearance and its true value. So good polishing tools are necessary. Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd has many different kinds of polishers for sale. Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd locates at Food Industrial Park of Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, which is at the coast of East China Sea. It is a professional manufacturer, specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing complete equipment for fruit and vegetable processing, high-precision sanitary valve fittings and other fluid equipment for years. It has provided turnkey projects for many domestic food processing equipment enterprises. It has not only the mini polisher needed for jade polishing, but also other polishers like metal polishing machine and wood buffer polisher. Of course, if you need other tools like rotary tools, you can also enter the company's website to find them.

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