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What the Rotary Tool can be used for?

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We know that the power rotary tool is a versatile tool that can be used for many aspects by people, such as grinding, cleaning and cutting and so on. In this article, we will introduce some relevant knowledge about handheld rotary tools and electric rotary tools. First of all, we will tell you what is the rotary tool and what it can be used for.


What is the rotary tool?


The rotary tool with different bits is a tool which can help people to do many jobs, and it is one of the useful tools in the toolbox. It has a handheld fast rotating motor connected to a spindle which can be attached with cutting wheels, sanding and polishing bits. On the market, there are different models and power levels for rotary tools. Usually, most rotary tools spin at about 20,000 RPM, but some can reach to 35,000 RPM. You cannot imagine that tool with the small size can go for up such high speeds without causing muscle discomfort and fatigue.  



The uses of rotary tool


As versatile rotary tool, it can be used in different kinds of projects, the only thing you should do is that you need to attach different bits on spindle. Here are some common uses as following.




After you attach a grinding bit such as bonded abrasive stones, you can use it to eliminate sharp edges, and you can sharpen kitchen knives, shears, and scissors etc., even you can clean old rusty tools.


Drilling holes


By attaching the variety of drill bits and router bits for rotary tools, you can use it to drill holes in soft materials such as wood, plastic etc. Of course, you can use it to drill hard materials such as drywall and gypsum board ceilings and so on. But it is suggested that you use proper drilling tool to drill holes in hard wood and metals.




If you want to cut big and small articles such as diamond, jade, drywall, plasterboards and wood etc., a rotary tool with cutting bits can help you. You just attach straight bits or cutting wheels, it can cut any kind of light or hard materials for you including part metal or trim plastic. And it is the secret weapon of plumbers, and people often use it to cut tough steel metals when they repair the faucets of kitchen or bathroom. Here I reminder you that you should use cutting oil on the surface to reduce heat and increase the efficiency of the carbide metal cutting wheel when cutting small hard pieces of metal.

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Rotary tools are especially useful for sanding small and light tasks. You only need a sanding attachment such as disc, band, flap wheel or abrasive buff, you can get good results.




Since small rotary tools are comfortable and versatile, it can make engraving and carving projects with right attachment. For example, the rotary tools with carbide bits can carve wood and metal. Of course, it is easy to engrave a pumpkin. And it can work for the designs, frames, and any decorative projects. 

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