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Why Is It So Important to Select the Right Wood?

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When carving, the wood itself is not good or bad. The key is to apply according to the material. Hardwood is suitable for furniture and other durable goods, while softwood is most suitable for cutting or decoration. Wood carving tools include sculpting knife, portable grinder, electric polisher, etc.



1. Some Factors Affecting Carving

(1) First of All, Material Selection Is very Important.

The wrong choice of wood will damage wood sculpture tools and even lead to accidents. Wood carving tools also include rotary carving tools, mini electrical grinder machine, drill machine kit, etc.


(2) Secondly, the Level of Woodworking Skills Will also Affect the Carving Products.

Some types of wood require a higher and more sophisticated level of technology, for example, some valuable or hard wood, such as rosewood, walnut, etc.


59-1-wood sculpture tools

(3) Understand the Purpose of Carving.

If exquisite handmade musical instruments, furniture or kitchen supplie is wanted to be made, the materials chosen are completely different.


(4) Do Not Choose Wood with Strong Smell

Any wood with strong smell may be inferior wood, which can be avoided. If the wood that sends out strong smell can make a person have a headache, even it can make a person feel unwell after a period of time,  Then it should not be chosen.



2. Some Wood Suitable for Carving

(1) Oak Wood

① Properties

The wood is hard and heavy, with medium bending strength and rigidity, and high breaking strength. Southern red oak grows faster than northern red oak and its wood is harder and heavier. The wood is hard and tough, not too heavy, and easier to be handled than other oaks.


② Purpose

It is ideal to manufacture all kinds of furniture and cabinets. It can be applied for building materials, furniture, flooring, interior decoration, wood lines, doors, cabinets, coffins and buckets, etc.



① Properties

Cherry wood is easy machining. Its nail and glue fixation performance is good. It produces excellent smooth surface after sanding, dyeing and polishing. The drying of cherry wood is fast and shrinkage is quite large, but the size is stable after drying. The density is medium, with good wood bending performance, low rigidity, medium strength and anti vibration ability.



It can be used in furniture, flooring/plywood, musical instruments, fine wood work peice, gun stock. It can also be cut into thin bark as decorative panel.


59-2-drill machine kit

(3) Taxus Chinensis


The wood has fine structure, high hardness, high density, strong corrosion resistance, strong toughness, bright red color, tenacity and durability.


② Purpose

It is an excellent material for building, bridge, furniture, equipment and so on. It is often applied for carving, making high-grade furniture, handicrafts and so on.


(4) Cinnamomum Camphora


It is tough and soft, not easy to break and crack. It is not easy to deform after drying, durable and easy to carve.



It is the most valuable material for furniture, high-grade architecture, shipbuilding and sculpture.


There are many kinds of wood suitable for carving. The key is to correctly understand their properties and usages, then apply them appropriately. Carving tools include carving pencils, professional sculpting tools, wood drill bits, etc.

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