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Why Is Walnut a Good Carving Material?

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Walnut is the wood of walnut tree. Walnut is distributed in North China, Northwest China, Southwest China, central China, South China and East China. It is also a good wood DIY material.


1. the Characteristics of Walnut

The sapwood of walnut is brown and the heartwood is purplish brown. Its wood grain is straight, beautiful, glossy, and the structure is medium. Its specific gravity is 0.56. The wood is dense and elastic, not warping and cracking, impact resistant, wear-resistant. It is a kind of excellent wood.


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2. Usage of Walnut

Walnut is a hardwood material. It is commonly applied in gun stock, aviation material, carving and fine furniture. Because of the growth of burls on the trunk, its texture is beautiful and solid. It is a valuable veneer and decorative material and the price is very high in the market.


There are about 15 kinds of wood in walnut family, which are all named by color. They are distributed in South America, North America, Oceania, Southeast Europe and East Asia. The most common walnut are black walnut, gold walnut and red walnut. The same black walnut also has different producing areas. There are some walnut trees in China, but they are not as good as those in other areas and the price will be much cheaper. Walnut can be processed by wood grinder machine and small polishing machine.


The raw materials of black walnut furniture on the market are mostly from the United States, mainly from North America. American black walnut furniture can reflect a low-key noble, introverted luxury. And because black walnut is an endangered tree species in the United States, the monthly export limit will not exceed 2000 cubic meters and the price is also rising year by year. The price of raw materials per cubic meter alone has exceeded 10000, which leads to the high price of black walnut furniture.



3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Walnut

(1) Advantages

① The color of walnut wood is elegant. The wood grain is exquisite and unique, clear and charming. And the furniture made of it is elegant and generous.


② The moisture content of walnut is low and the shrinkage and expansion of wood will not have a significant impact on walnut furniture.


③ Walnut furniture is not easy to crack and deform.


④ It has strong hot pressing ability, durability and heartwood corrosion resistance.


⑤ Black walnut furniture has high collection value.


⑥ Black walnut furniture with brass, glass and other elements, both has simple taste of solid wood furniture and modern simplicity.


(2) Disadvantages

① The price of walnut furniture is high, which is hard for ordinary families to afford.


② The wood structure of walnut is not as compact as that of mahogany and its compression and bending resistance is only medium.


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③ The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to avoid damage.


④ Sapwood is easy to be damaged by lyctus. Its bending resistance and compressive strength are medium and its toughness is poor.


Some sellers will make catalpa wood and fraxinus mandshurica into black walnut furniture, or solid wood veneer furniture is sold under the signboard of pure solid wood furniture, so these phenomena must be distinguished. Please note that veneer is generally made ofsolid wood frame + solid wood multi-layer board veneer, which is also called solid wood furniture, but not pure solid wood furniture.


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