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Why Pets Need to Trim Their Nails?

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In addition to bathing, shaving, and styling, a competent pet owner must also trim the pet’s nails. Trimming nails/claws is not only to protect the owner and pet from unnecessary scratches, but also to keep the pet healthy. It is best to stroke your pet's paws when they are young so that they can adapt to the upcoming nail trimming. This will help them get used to cutting their nails.


A moderately long nail can protect the paws of cats and dogs, helping them to better grasp the ground and secure their prey.


However, if the nails are not trimmed for a long time, it is easy to cause the hook-shaped nails to sink into the fleshy skin, causing redness and swelling, and even inflammation and pain.


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1. The Structure of Pet Nails


There are blood lines in the nails. If the blood lines are cut, cats and dogs will feel pain and bleed, which will make it more difficult to cut the nails next time.


If you do not cut your nails for a long time, the blood lines will grow longer and longer in the nails. And regular nail trimming can keep the blood line at an appropriate length.


2. Suitable Nail Clippers


Most of the pet nail clippers on the market are those with a circular hollow guillotine shape.


When using this round hole guillotine nail clippers, pay attention to the front and back. The side with the blade faces you (outward) so that you can see clearly.


Pass the nails of cats and dogs through the hole, and when you hold the nail clippers tightly, the blade will cut the dog's nails forward!


In fact, in addition to nail clippers, electric grinders can also help pets trim their nails. In this case, the more practical electric grinders mainly include miniature angle grinder, mini electric grinder pen and buffing wheel for drill.


3. The Correct Way to Cut Nails


Before cutting your nails, it is best to prepare something that can stop bleeding, such as a sterile cotton ball or hemostatic powder, to prevent hand injuries from accidentally cutting bleeding for your pet.


If cats and dogs are particularly resistant to cutting their nails, they must first calm their emotions, or make a surprise attack when they are full and cannot open their eyes in the afternoon.


You can also ask other people to help, as long as you successfully cut two or three nails, they will no longer resist so much.


When using electrical foot grinder and mini electric grinder, it is more necessary to calm the pet's emotions.


4. How to Make Pets Cooperate?


Grasp the pet's foot from the ankle with the palm of your hand steadily and lightly, keeping your hand and paw in the same direction.


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The cat’s nails are shrunk in the meat pad, so when you press the meat pad, your nails will stick out.


The dog’s nails should not be shrunk in the mat. When cutting the dog’s nails, do not use the mat to scratch the dog’s paws. The dog will struggle because of itching.


Pay attention to judging the blood line, that is, the pink part, and cut it to a position about 2 mm away from the blood line.


It is very efficient and convenient to use hand rotary edger, mini grinder pen and mini rotary grinder to cut pet nails.


After trimming your pet's nails, you can also use a small buffing machine or mini electric polisher to polish your pet's nails.

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