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 Our founder, HENRY, was born in a mechanical manufacturing family, and since he was a child, he liked DIY to make his own unique tools.


In 2016, HERNY, who worked as a designer in a machinery company, planed to start his own business and made products he liked. The first product was distillation equipment, the original intention of this product was to allow everyone to make their own unique whiskey and vodka. rotary toolmini grinder toolrotary tool accessory electric grinder toolhand power tools

Henry found two partners, one is DAVE, who worked in an advertising company, and the other is JEFFERY, who was engaged in offline promotion on Alibaba. In 2017, Wenzhou Mingbang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established. HENRY is a product mechanical engineer, DAVE is a product appearance designer, and JEFFERY is responsible for production and materials. The philosophy of the company is: For needs, we innovate; for life, we advance.

rotary toolmini grinder toolrotary tool accessory electric grinder toolhand power tools

We have developed a total of 4 series of distillation equipment, which were also officially launched on-line in November 2017, and have achieved good reviews. It has been recognized by customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, and has maintained regular business cooperation with several customers in these countries.

In 2018, Wenzhou held a DIY model competition. When Henry and his friends were making DIY model airplanes together, they thought of developing a more practical and cost-effective device. So the MBMAX series of power tools project began. At present, we have developed 5 different products to meet different needs of DIY enthusiasts. During the development process, we also found that the nail industry also needs similar products, so we developed a low-power electric tool (Rotary Tool).

rotary toolmini grinder toolrotary tool accessory electric grinder toolhand power tools

So far, the United Kingdom and the United States as well as Australia are our main customer groups, who are introduced and recommended by our distillation equipment customers. It's a recognition of our products and our company.


We hope that more companies can cooperate with us, so that our products can be sold to more places, and we will constantly find new innovative products and projects in our life, and develop more new products.

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For us the rotary tools are not just about drilling and polishing, they make it easier to turn inspiration into work.

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