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First of all, we will make a general understanding of the customer base of the Amazon platform, and analyze user needs, sort out relevant and useful design information, make suggestions and specific plans. Then we will conduct effective and professional communication with cooperative businesses. According to the needs of platform users and the requirements of merchants, we will design new products to ensure that the designed products are market competitive, so that the cooperative merchants are profitable and we can achieve win-win cooperation.


For our existing products, the minimum order quantity for Amazon merchants is 500 pieces. However, the higher the quantity is, there will be a corresponding discount on the price.


We support the consignment of goods. Amazon merchants only need to provide us with their customers' addresses. We will query the corresponding freight and report it to the merchants. Except for the freight and product price, merchants do not need to pay any other fee. Helping consignment of good can provide certain convenience for the merchants. 
After the merchant pays the balance and freight, we will pack the goods and send them out within three days. When we receive the express number of the freight company, we will convey it to the merchant as soon as possible

After-sales Service

We provide a one-year warranty for our products. If there is any defect, we will provide a replacement service and give the customer a new machine directly so that the customers will not have any worries.

Our Client Cases

Myanmar customer Godanway, who specializes in purchasing jade and rosewood, has been engaged in this industry for about five or six years. In Mandalay, Myanmar, he has many partners and a special manor to store precious jade. Jade needs to be polished and carved to become a finished product, and rosewood also needs DIY. There was a problem with the product designed by the supplier he had worked with before, and he wanted to change to another supplier, so he contacted us by email. We analyzed his previous machine, found the shortcomings of this product, upgraded and gave our design drawings, and communicated with the customer about the details. After three or four times of modification, we finalized the drawings, and the customer paid a deposit. We produced 1000 pieces in the first batch. After receiving, the customer was very satisfied. After only one month, he placed a second order with us, and the number reached 5000. Now the customer's sales volume on Amazon can reach 500 a month, and that in Myanmar is 2,000.

Finding Solutions For Your Projects

For us the rotary tools are not just about drilling and polishing, they make it easier to turn inspiration into work.

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