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For Brand Owners

Brand side has a strong brand effect and a certain number of customer groups, we will design and develop products to meet your customer needs according to your requirements. It takes about 2-3 months from the beginning of design to the successful development of new products. There will be corresponding person in charge of each link to hand over with the business, so that the whole process can be carried out efficiently.

Our Advantages

Increase Product Diversity

Well-known brand owners have certain customer groups, and we help brands show more types of products to customer groups.


We have skilled technical workers, most of whom have worked in the hardware industry for more than 10 years. We have production efficiency and product quality stability.

Design Team

According to the requirements of the brand, our design team will design a product appearance that is more in line with the concept of the brand company, which can reflect the value of brand and the uniqueness of the product. We will help you apply for a design patent to ensure your product will not be stolen.


Our normal output is 300,000 units per month. If necessary, we can increase our output to 500,000 units per month to meet the needs of the brand.

After-sales Service

We will prepare a batch of accessories for the brand for free, and if a customer returns the product, we will help the brand to repackage. If the product is damaged within 2 years, we will provide free maintenance services. If there is a quality problem, we will replace it with a new product for free.

Our Client Cases

A domestic brands, who are now mainly selling electric drills, household tool sets and other hardware products on Tmall and Taobao, they are very optimistic about this new product, which meets their demand for new product expansion.


The client has a preliminary design based on his own trademark. But because he does not know the product very well, this design cannot be used directly. Our design team conducts preliminary exchanges with customers to understand which details the customer must retain. This step is to ensure that the customer's concept and brand value design can be retained. After that, we will make structural adjustments and changes. At last, customers are very satisfied with the final design.


It took a total of 3 months from design to production and delivery. The first order was 30,000 units, and the customer invested 600,000 yuan in advertising expenses. In one week, 20,000 units were sold, and then 100,000 units were rushed into production.

We provide customers with free replacement services for quality problems, so customers have no worries about after-sales.

Finding Solutions For Your Projects

For us the rotary tools are not just about drilling and polishing, they make it easier to turn inspiration into work.

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