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British Customer

The client is a British company that provides household equipment solutions. The company has a wide range of products and have customized various hardware and DIY-related products in our company. Besides, the client have also customized different kinds of hardware pipe fittings. When he placed a custom order for us, I recommended our new product-electric grinder.

After the customer watched our product video, he expressed great interest. He said that this product can be related to his industry, and his company can sell this set of products. Later, when we sent the customer's customized order, we sent the samples of each of our products.


After he got the samples, he recognized the performance of our products. And after showing him our newly designed packaging, the customer put forward several requirements about packaging. Then he placed a small order for 500 sets of B42X and B120. After receiving the goods, the customer has not responded for nearly 2 months, and we thought there was a problem with the product. We had sent email inquiries many times and lastly got replies from customers. The feedback quality is very good, and the price is reasonable, leaving them with more profit. During this period, they are doing market research to see if there are other types of our products in the local market. And they now purchase 3000 sets each time. We provide OEM service.

South African Customer

This customer is also a regular customer of other products in our company. The development of our products will be promoted to our existing old customers. This customer reflected that he liked DIY and often made some small products. He thought that this product should be more popular in their local area, and our price is very affordable, leaving them with a larger profit, so he wanted to try to be a agent of this product locally.


At the first time, the order was relatively small, he only purchased 100 sets of GT220 . Because the number is relatively small, we can only send American standards plugs to this customer, and cannot be customized. Because we don't charge money for customization, but the minimum order quantity should be greater than 1000 sets, so we provided the customer with plug converters. The requirement of this customer was more urgent, and the request was for UPS. The freight of UPS was very high and close to 30% of the value, but the customer still insists on using UPS. Our warehouse was full of stock, and we took the goods away the next day. This time the express delivery was smooth, without any delay due to the overstock. After the customer got the goods, he told me that he went to their club with the products that day, which aroused the interest of many people in the club. Some of them had already bought electric grinding tools of other brands, so they did not buy them. However, they sold more than 70 sets of the products in one night. Because this customer was also using this tool himself, he found that they still need more accessories in the later stage of this product, so he immediately ordered 500 electric grinding tools and 1000 110-piece accessory sets.


We are also very happy for the customer's fast sales. This time we customized plugs for the customer's 500 pieces, so we don't need to use the converter any more. Now the customer generally has a receipt once a month, and the average purchase quantity is 1000 pieces.

Andrew, Australia

We got to know this customer through Ali International Station platform and he is a big dealer of Bruce Class in Australia. At first, the product the customer asked us for was only milk bucket, and the quantity was not much, so we customized the product according to his requirements. The first order was quick. I thought he was just a self-use customer, but after following up, I found he might place another order. The customer asked if we had Skype and wanted to communicate with us on a more convenient chat software, so we immediately downloaded and registered an account. Through chatting, we learned some basic information about the customer. We found out that he had turned the business around from another man and wanted to develop the business. We asked for the customer's website and found that the website was doing well, but the number of products was not large, so we recommended the electric grinder products and some accessories to him. We also helped him compare the price with similar goods on ebay, so as to reflect that our price has a large profit margin for him. After nearly two months of continuous communication, we also provided some waterless product diagrams so that the customer could update the product on his website. The customer also gained trust in us, so he ordered some products recommended by us. After sales, the customer found that the sales volume was not bad. Now the customer regularly orders products with us every month, and has become a stable partner of us in Australia.

Arik, Indian

The client is a large manicure tool factory manufacturer in India, and he also has several manicurist training institutions. We got to know this customer through Google search. After we sent out the development letter intermittently for half a year, we finally got a reply from the customer. The customer asked us to send some product details, organize a detailed quotation, and send it to his mailbox and copy it to their purchasing manager. After sending it, we waited for a month and found that the customer never responded. We thought that this list could not be done. After following two or three times, we found that the customer replied again, saying that he would come to China in December and asked for our factory address. The customer didn't tell us the specific time of arrival, he may be visit other factories. We received a call from him the day before he came to the factory and asked if he could visit the next day, we said of course. When he came the next day, we took two samples and demonstrated on the spot. We found that the customers were still very satisfied with the performance of our products. As a result, he said that our price was high, 20% higher than other suppliers.


In fact, we reserved room for customers to bargain when quoting. We said that “we can calculate again. The price quoted to you for the first time cooperation will definitely not be high. We also want to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with you.” Later we decided to drop 10%, the customer was very satisfied, and immediately he placed an order for 5000 pieces. After that, the number of customer orders continued to grow, he is a very good customer.

Major Customers Lost Case

We found this customer on Ebay. When we searched for dealers related to our products on the platform, we found that his products were very similar to ours, but the price was three times that of ours, so we created an account to pretend the customer and talked to him for a while. We found that the performance and accessories of the products he sold were almost the same as ours, so we sent a development letter with another account. After sending three or four letters, the customer responded, saying that our price was indeed higher than his price. He wanted to buy a sample to try, so we sent him a sample. After receiving the sample, he compared it and found that our product did have the same performance as his previous one, and the cost of goods from us could be reduced a lot, so he chose us. The number of orders each time is not large, but the frequency of placing orders is quite frequent. This customer payment way is T/T. There was a problem with the final payment of an order that did not reach our account. The investigation found that it was a problem with their bank operations. Because he is an old customer, we agreed to ship the goods to him first, and he also agreed to make up the payment when the next order. Unexpectedly, for a period of time, his business was suspended for a while because of his personal affairs. When we contacted him later, he was reluctant to reply to us. We asked him to pay the arrears first, but the client told us that the exchange rate was losing too much for them and he was unwilling to pay. Later, the arrears was never recovered and the client also found a new supplier. Through this matter, we have also learned something that we can't relax because the customers are old customers, we must wait for the payment to arrive before shipping.

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