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OEM Process

 Plant Processes

Early Consultation

We will file and search the customer's customization to ensure that the customization is not suspected of infringement. If there is a slight infringement, we will organize our design team to contact the customer. We will redesign and provide the customer with a satisfactory solution.

Samples Finalization & Drawing Confirmation

For customers who already have samples, we will convert the sample into a productionable drawing, and let the customer confirm.


If the customer does not have a sample, we will learn about the customer's design concept in detail, then redesign and develop until the customer is satisfied with the drawing.

Sample Processing

For the sample processing, we use 3D printing technology. The use of 3D printing technology can save a lot of unnecessary waste and get samples as quickly as possible.

Modification & Improvement

The sample is a key part of our mass production, it can check the difference between the drawing and the actual product. We will test the samples, conduct multi-directional tests on fit, heat dissipation, stability, and feel, and will fine-tune the unsatisfactory aspects to improve the drawing.

Mass Production, Inspection & Delivery

It usually takes about 2 months from determining the drawings to mass production, and die sinking takes up a lot of time. The production capacity of our factory is 10,000 units per day and 300,000 units per month.


Before the delivery of the finished product, we will conduct a random inspection of each batch of samples, ensure that the quality of the product can meet the established requirements.

Design and R&D


Our company spends 10% of its profits on innovative research and development every year. This fund is used for market research, product testing and the development of new products.


We have a design team of 5 people, and also cooperate with a professional market research company. Through 70% online research and 30% offline research in developed cities, we investigate the appearance, practicability, and new features of our existing products.

Every year, we hand over new products to market research companies for free experience services, so as to get more real feedback from customers and make our products better and better.

Finding Solutions For Your Projects

For us the rotary tools are not just about drilling and polishing, they make it easier to turn inspiration into work.

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