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Danish customers

Danish customers

The client is a local producer of whisky in Denmark.
This customer needs to purchase a set of equipment that can be used to make brandy and whisky without changing any parts. The main difference between brandy and whisky is the copper requirement. According to this difference, our engineers designed a gin basket for the customer. The customer can place the copper net in the gin basket when producing whiskey, and take out the copper net when producing brandy.
This set of equipment mainly consists of three parts: 100L jacket tank, gin basket and condenser, which are connected by stainless pipes. The tank is still our standard 100L capacity, but our standard for gin basket is 4 inch, increased to 8 inch, with a glass layer added inside, which is a better design to observe the reaction during the production process than just the sight glass.

After the drawings were confirmed with the customer, we completed the production and assembly after more than 30 days of production. During the test run the engineer and the workshop director found a better design. The new design adds a valve and stainless steel pipe between the can and the gin blue, allowing the can to be connected directly to the condensing pipe. The design saves workers the effort of replacing the copper netting and cleaning the gin basket, as well as increasing brandy production.

This design has been recognized and praised by the customer. We shoot video to inform the customer how to install the product, making it more convenient for the customer to install our product.

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