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Do You Prefer Copper or Stainless Steel Distillers?

Do You Prefer Copper or Stainless Steel Distillers?


In the twenty-first century, it's easier than ever to learn a new skill. People all over the world are discovering new hobbies they would've never discovered without the help of the internet. For luckier individuals, they've turned this new skill or hobby into a lucrative business, leading them to opportunities people have never imagined before. 

It's easier to learn new skills with the help of YouTube and various websites. With these new skills, people can pick up new hobbies for fun, or they could take these skills and turn them into a lucrative career. Selling things online is one of the most lucrative ways for people to make money. Websites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon are filled with online businessmen and businesswomen selling their crafts and making money off doing what they loved. 

One of the crafts that are picking up over time is distilling alcohol. Distilling alcohol isn't a new craft. Its history is connected to alchemists. The tricks alchemists used to try to turn lead into gold were what created alchemy as we know it. It doesn't mean alchemists invented distilled alcohol. Records of distilled show up in ancient Greece and Asia. These attempts are nothing like distilling today, but the crude attempts are the first known ways alcohol was distilled in the ancient days. As a result tequila, gin, bourbon, and whiskey are a thing today. 

For the big drinkers, raise your glass to the alchemists of history. We wouldn't have spirits without them. For the hobbyists, raise your glass to the alchemists that began your favorite hobby today. 

Today, distilling alcohol is becoming a more common hobby among younger people. Some like to do it for fun, while others learn to do it and start to build a business from it. And then there are people that learn how to build alcohol distillers so they can sell them instead of distilling it themselves. Whether you want to distill alcohol yourself or build it, it's a lucrative business. 

However, it's not always easy to find the materials you need to build your alcohol distiller. You may not have the time, money, or the skill needed to build one yourself. Making one could be extremely difficult or impossible. 

Enter Mibond Machinery. Mibond Machinery is a company based in China that specializes in alcohol distillers to help create your favorite wines and liquors. The company exports its products to America, South Africa, and even Australia! If you're not interested in building your own distiller and want one made for you, you can come to Mibind Machinery. 

As you look through all of these different kinds of distillers, you'll notice that most of our products are either copper distillers or stainless steel distillers. As a beginner, it's difficult to figure out which distiller is the best one for you. Mibond Machinery will work closely with you so you can have the best distilling product you could ever ask for. 

It can be overwhelming to figure out where, to begin with, your new hobby. Do you want to go all-out and blow your budget on everything? Do you want to start cheap and build yourself up? Do you want to make a business out of this? Do you want to build your alcohol distiller or build it? It's up to you with what you want to do with your new hobby.

As you read through this article, you will learn the pros and cons of each type of alcohol distiller, and you can decide for yourself which one is the best one for your project. As you look through the pros and cons of each alcohol distiller, ask yourself these questions. 

What does my budget look like? Do I only want to distill alcohol, or do I want to distill other things? Do I want to build my distiller? How much time do I want to spend maintaining my alcohol distiller? Am I going to make money off this? Once you have the information you need, you can decide for yourself what kind of alcohol distiller is best for what you want. 

Stainless Steel Distiller

In modern times, more people are using stainless steel to distill their alcohol. It's a more durable metal than copper and lower maintenance, making it easier to clean than copper. If you're budget-conscious, or a beginner, stainless steel is a good start. If you're not interested in building your distiller yourself, you can start with stainless steel. Because it's a harder metal, it's harder to use to build a distiller. But you'll never have to worry about the metal getting warped over time. 

If you aren't a big drinker or don't drink at all, don't worry! Stainless steel can distill more than alcohol! With stainless steel, you can distill water and essential oils. However, if you're using your stainless steel distiller for alcohol, you will need to make sure you buy some copper packing compounds to remove sulfides.

If there are too many sulfides in your homemade drink, it could affect the taste and intensity of hangovers. The more sulfides in your drink, the more hangovers you'll end up with.

To sum up the stainless steel pros

Stainless steel is cheaper than copper.Stainless steel is more diverse than copper. Meaning, if you want to distill water or essential oils instead, you can use stainless steel instead of copper.Stainless steel is easier to clean than copperWill maintain its shape over time. Never have to worry about warping metal. 

To sum up the stainless steel cons

Stainless steel isn't as good of a heat conductor as copper, but it's still a good conductor of heat.You will need to use copper packing materials to help take out sulfides if you plan on distilling alcohol.It's harder to build a distiller with stainless steel than it is with copper.

Copper distillers

Copper has been around since the beginning of alcohol distilling as we know it. Copper is a softer metal, so it's easier for people to find materials if they want to build a copper distiller for themselves. However, because it's a softer metal it's a higher maintenance material. So it's more expensive, harder to clean, and the metal can warp over time. 

Don't let the maintenance of copper discourage you! While both copper and stainless steel are good conductors of heat, copper is better at it than stainless steel! With a copper distiller, you won't need to buy extra products to help get rid of sulfides. Copper naturally gets rid of sulfides on its own. You won't need to buy any extra materials to help get rid of them. As a result, hangovers will be less intense, and the taste will be much better! Most distillers prefer copper over stainless steel. 

If you don't plan on distilling alcohol, copper is not a versatile material. Copper distillers don't work as well with distilling water and essential oils because of the chemical reaction that comes with distilling these things with copper. 

To sum up the pros of copper distillers

Copper naturally removes sulfides in alcohol, affecting the taste and intensity of a hangover. Copper is a better heat conductor than alcoholIt's easier to find materials to build your own distiller than it is with any other material. 

To sum up the cons of copper distillers. 

Copper is much more expensive than copper. Especially because copper needs to be a special kind of thickness to be able to build a distiller that lasts. It's harder to research what kind of copper you need to build it. It's harder to clean a copper distiller than it is to clean a stainless steel distiller. Over time, your copper distiller can warp and need maintenance work. 

What material is best for you? 

With all of this information, one of the final questions you want to ask yourself is how much time you want to put into your distilling hobby. If you have the time to invest in building your own alcohol distiller, you can find the products you need anywhere online. 

However, if you want to start out without building your own distiller, you can make Mibond Machinery your first choice. Mibond Machinery sells them premade. If you want to have different features, you can have one custom made for you! The company has engineers on their team that can design the perfect alcohol distiller for you, depending on whatever your preferences are. 

If you have any questions regarding your preferences or the best material to use for your intended purpose, you can email the company at The company's engineers will be happy to work with you to give you the best alcohol distiller you could hope for starting out on your hobby. Once you and your engineer are satisfied, you can pay through either PayPal or Western Union, and you'll have your new product in ten working days! 

Good luck with your projects and happy distilling! We wish you all the best in your distilling journey! Have fun!

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