homemade water distiller! - the deluxe (stainless steel) pure water still! - easy diy | full instr.

by:Mibond     2020-02-12
Homemade water still! -The Deluxe (Stainless steel)
Or pure water! -
Simple DIY | complete Instr.
Homemade water still!
Luxurious \"stainless steel\" pure water is still there! Easy DIY.
Distilled all types of dirtwater/Salt-
Clean fresh drinking water.
Made of stainless steel teapot and 6 feet stainless steel pipe.
Can be used on standard stove burner or rocket stove/Campfire/parabolic disc and can be turned off in totalgrid operation.
Quick assembly/disassembly for easy carrying.
Perfect for emergency or daily use.
50% faster than my standard stainless steel design.
Several details: 24 \"stainless steel supply lines 3/4 \".
The thread of Pvc parts is 1/4 \"OD to 3/4 \".
The coupler is 1/4 \"to 1/4 \". (
Adjust these to your specific kettle as needed)1. )tea kettle (
I am made of 18/10 stainless steel (high quality)2. )heat source (
Electric burner, rocket furnace, campfire, solar disc lamp, etc. . . )3. )
Three \"2 feet long\" sections of corrugated 3/4 stainless steel pipe supply line (
Water Heater Standard)4. )
Two 3/4 \"pipe joints (i used brass)5. )
Hose joint and PVC pipe joint (
Choose these according to your personal teapot)6. )
Collection tank (
I use glass. 7. )
Only screwdriver a is needed. )
The first thing I do is bend each pipe into the shape of \"U (more or less).
The idea behind this is to create a slender spiral.
I want the water to rise quickly to the highest point and then rotate down (
At the same time, maintain a sense of balance with the unit).
You should play with this to get it right or you may be able to keep the pipes open if you have a room.
Just make sure the device is supported. B. )
Then I screw the copper pipe joint together (see pics above).
* I will make a closer spiral (
Except that you can\'t bend anywhere near the connector).
To do this, simply push the PVC part into the flexible tube connector and tighten it (
Flexible pipe connector with fixture).
Then, once you add dirty or salt water to the teapot, screw the tube and PVC block together, slide the Tube connector onto the spout of the kettle and tighten (see pics above)
Connect and open the burner.
The collection tank will start filling with distilled water in a few minutes!
See how clear the water is (
In the picture of the wine glass above).
For any clarification or issue, just leave a message in the comments section.
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