How many people in Mibond export department?
Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd is expanding employee numbers in the export department. Our export department monitors the export of stainless steel still through a standard set of regulations and policies. All staff in our export department are qualified to provide you with professional service.

Mibond provides customers with one-stop copper distiller including copper still moonshine. The alcohol distiller series is widely praised by customers. The design of Mibond affordable distillery equipment adopts the first-class concept. The product is extensively exported to the United States, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc. The international recognition, popularity and reputation of this product are continuing to increase. Made of food-grade stainless steel material, it is safe to store liquid.

We have made a long-term plan for environmental protection and energy conservation. We execute this plan seriously throughout the production stages. And we have achieved progress in reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption.
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