How many people in Mibond R&D department?
At Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd, our Research and Development department has expanded our range of possibilities by developing innovative solutions and products. It consists of a young and motivated team whose members enjoy many years of scientific and practical experience – in particular in the areas of buy copper distiller related technology. This expertise also stems from several contacts in science and industry. Whether it is to create an original concept or something that’s fully customized, the staff in our R&D department work tirelessly to develop the products we offer and to make customers' projects reality.

In the field of stainless steel moonshine still, Mibond plays a significant part in the development of stainless steel moonshine still. The alcohol distiller series is widely praised by customers. The quality of the product has been greatly enhanced as the production technology has been improved. It is suitable for distilling whiskey, alcohol, and vodka. The product presents an opportunity for building customer trust and winning more business. The product is easy to clean after distillation.

We pursue continuous improvement to stay abreast in the ever-changing market. We constantly invest in R& D, continue to set higher standards and expectation for ourselves and work hard to achieve more significant milestones. Please contact us!
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