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How to Choose Home Moonshine Still Right for You

How to Choose Home Moonshine Still Right for You


Choosing the right kind of still is going to determine the taste of the moonshine or any other distilled beverage. A lot of people who are new to distilling make this mistake by equipping a type of distilling equipment that is not suitable for the product that they want to distill. 

So, keeping that in mind, here is an article for choosing a suitable 'home moonshine still' along with some interesting information on alcohol distiller process. But before all that let us peek into the history of moonshine and learn what exactly the term means. 

An overview of Moonshine

Moonshine is also known by different names such as – white lightning, Mountain Dew, white whisky, mash liquor, white liquor is a high proof distilled spirit that is made primarily with corn and sugar.

The word “moonshine” is believed to reference the fact that the production of moonshine traditionally occurred during the night to avoid discovery.

Moonshine is also thought to be a liquor that is produced illegally. However, commercial distilleries have started marketing legal versions of moonshine over the last few years and some of them have become quite popular. 

These legal distilleries claim that their products provide the drinking experience similar to the real stuff. Some examples you might be familiar with are – Ole Smokey, Original Moonshine, Junior Johnson, Midnight Moon and Short Mountain Shine.

Now, you may have a curious mind that needs some extra clarification on "why do we even need to distill the alcohol?" Well, find out yourself in the next paragraph that will not only give you a clarification but a summary of the how alcohol distiller works.

What is alcohol distillation and why it is required?

In terms of alcohol, distilling is the process of taking something that is already alcoholic and increasing the concentration by reducing the water and other stuff in it.

For example – If you distill wine you will get brandy, which is much stronger.

In the case of whisky, you start by making something known as mash which is very similar to beer then you distill it, this increases the strength of it and then you can age it. 

Now, in case of making moonshine, it is important to note that when you are separating alcohol and water from different stuff that is in the corn mash the yeast after fermentation makes some other bunch of things. These things include water, ethanol, propanol, butanol, acetone, methanol and more. Now, things like methanol (methyl alcohol) can give you really bad headaches/hangovers. The good thing is that such components can be separated in distillation. 

As these components have different boiling points, you can use this fact to separate them out by heating up the liquid and turning some of the components into gas, cool them back down, turning them back into a liquid.

As the liquid gains more energy, different components will evaporate and then condense allowing you to physically separate them.

Now it is time to see what exactly happens inside the home moonshine still.

How a moonshine still’ works

Most moonshine stills have the same basic components –

The BurnerThe Pot (copper or stainless steel)The DoublerThe Condenser

Process – 

Firstly the pot is filled with the mash and provided a certain degree of heat.Once the temperature reaches 173 degree F (78.3 degrees C) the alcohol vaporizes and rises into the cap.From the pot, the alcohol travels through a copper pipe (called arm) into the barrel known as the doubler.In the doubler the extra water condenses out of the alcohol vapour onto the sides of the barrel, doubling the purity or proof of the vapour.The purified vapour then travels to a copper coil that is set in a barrel of cool running water known as the condenser.In the condenser, the alcohol vapour condenses into liquid moonshine

After learning the process it may be clear to you that home moonshine stills are the equipment that is actually helping the whole process. Therefore, to find some of the best alcohol distillers is what comes next in your list.

Now, keeping that in mind we have sorted out some of the best and simple alcohol distilling equipment along with the company’s details. So, let us check out the Mibond machinery. 

Mibond Machinery 

One of China’s most leading manufacturing company which focuses on supplying best qualities products on – Distiller, juicer, press and other brewing equipment (alcohol stainless distiller).

The main exports of Midbonds are the United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy, Canada, South Africa, Russia, Australia and other countries. Midbond’s objectives are to provide new and developed domestic brewing equipment. That means if you are looking for home moonshine still’ this is the perfect stop for you.

Let us have a quick glance at some variety of products and equipment that you can get from Midbonds.

Products and Equipment available in Midbonds 

1: Copper distillation equipment

26 Gallon beer distillery and distillers grain distilled wine13 Gallon Copper Distillation apparatus home distilling vodka distillery

2: Stainless Steel Distillation Equipment

26 Gallon beer distillery and distillers grain, distilled wine13 Gallon stainless steel pot, still for home whiskey plus moonshine distillation

3: Glass Column Distillation Equipment

50L Glass column vodka distillery pot distillation.100L Glass distilling equipment craft distillery.

4: Simple Alcohol Distillation Equipment

50L Simple Alcohol Distillation moonshine distiller13 Gallon home moonshine distiller26 Gallon whiskey and vodka distillery 

Final Words 

Let us recap and see what we have learned from this article – Moonshine happens to be one of that alcohol (usually whisky, rum) that is made in secret in order to avoid taxes. The recipe of moonshine includes corn, sugar, yeast, water.

The recipe combine and forms what is called mash. This mash finally contains some amount of alcohol but still needs to be separated from the stuff. This is where alcohol distiller comes into play.

Home moonshine still is a type of alcohol distiller that can be domestically used and help to make the final product which is the moonshine. To find the best alcohol distiller available in the market just check out Midbond.

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