What are key manufacturers for alcohol distiller ?
Wenzhou Mibond Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the key manufacturers of alcohol distiller in China. Our guarantee is to supply the best buying experience from the very first meeting through the years of after-sales service. Our values are reflected at how we conduct business, always acting legitimately and honestly with respect both for staff and customers.

With rich experience in R&D and production, Mibond enjoys a high reputation for its copper distiller. The copper distiller series is widely praised by customers. Mibond copper still moonshine is designed to give strikingly intuitive user experiences. The pressure relief safety valve guarantees safety and security during the distillation. The product has improved its reputation and created a good public image over the years. It prevents any impurities from getting into the liquid.

We have high-performance work teams. They can execute quickly, make reliable decisions, solve complex problems, and spare efforts to increases company productivity and morale.
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